On behalf of All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Long Beach, I welcome you. You are invited to join us for worship. It would be a privilege to meet you! Our purpose is, “Reaching Long Beach and beyond with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.” Our mission is, “Building a church community that glorifies God, follows Jesus, and is empowered by the Holy Spirit for mission to reconcile a broken world to God.” We drink deep from one river that has three streams: Scripture (our authoritative guide in faith), Sacraments (our ancient practices and rhythms in faith), and Spirit (our peace and power in faith). May you experience God’s “Never Stopping, Never Giving up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.”
Fr. Scott


Sunday Services

7:30am - Worship Service with Spoken Liturgy and Holy Communion (music third Sunday of the month)

9:00am - Discipleship Hour for All Ages

10:00am - Worship Service with Spoken and Sung Liturgy and Holy Communion


All Saints Anglican Cathedral 346 Termino Avenue Long Beach, California 90814

“According to the early Christians, the church doesn’t exist in order to provide a place where people can pursue their private spiritual agendas and develop their own spiritual potential. Nor does it exist in order to provide a safe haven in which people can hide from the wicked world and ensure that they themselves arrive safely at an otherworldly destination. Private spiritual growth and ultimate salvation come rather as the byproduct of the main, central overarching purpose for which God has called and is calling us … That through the church God will announce to the world that he is indeed its wise, loving and just creator; that through Jesus he has defeated the powers that corrupt and enslave it; and that by his Spirit he is at work to heal and renew it.” Simply Christian - N.T. Wright


Good Friday at 5:15pm:
March 29-30, April 5-6, and April 12-13
Performance Times - 7-9pm


What Good Friday At 5:15 PM is....

Good Friday 5:15 PM is a performance-based outreach tool that will impact our neighborhood, the City of Long Beach, and perhaps many areas of the Los Angeles Basin with the message of Jesus Christ and His great sacrifice to atone for our sins to bring us into a relationship with Him for the sake of others.

What Good Friday At 5:15 PM does…

Good Friday 5:15 PM seeks to recreate a visual of the city of Jerusalem on that first Good Friday using the South Courtyard of All Saints Cathedral. It will be complete with walls, backdrops, props, and performers. It is set at the time shortly after Jesus has been taken down from the cross and placed in the tomb... hence the title "5:15 PM".

How Good Friday At 5:15 PM works…

Good Friday 5:15 PM is an interactive performance scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings over three weekends: March 29 – 30, April 5 – 6, and April 12 – 13 of 2019. Performances will run from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Visitors are admitted to the center courtyard just outside the Parish Hall of All Saints Anglican Cathedral located at the corner of Termino and Colorado Streets. Once inside the hall, they will be greeted by a personal Jerusalem Escort who will take a small group of 12-15 visitors through the city of Jerusalem where they will meet key characters from the Biblical Narratives as well as traditional characters associated with the terrible events of that first Good Friday.

From the Antonia Fortress through various shops and locations, past Golgotha and finally the Garden Tomb, these characters talk to visitors and discuss the events of that day as they go about preparing for the upcoming Passover Sabbath. Each "walk-through" will take around 15-20 minutes and visitors can go through as often as they wish. Afterwards, visitors are invited back to the Parish Hall for refreshments.

What’s the catch for Good Friday At 5:15 PM…?

Our desire is to bring people to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit moving within the performance as the viewers come through and consider the events of that day and the people before them who have experienced it. It is in this environment that the Holy Spirit will be working through the performers and, hopefully, reaching the visitors who come to see it. There will be literature for those who wish to have it just outside of the tour.

What Good Friday At 5:15 PM is not…

While it is a performance with a set, props, and actors, Good Friday At 5:15 PM is NOT a play in the traditional sense of the word. The parts the performers have are only based on talking points. The beauty and key to the Gospel witness is that the actors will be "playing off of the crowd" in an improvisation method of performance. In effect, they “become” the character they are portraying in order to reach people with the Gospel message.

Good Friday At 5:15 PM is NOT meant to generate Funds...

This cannot be stressed enough. This is the message of Good Friday and God’s saving grace through Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection. This is a message that says the events and the people of Good Friday are real and that they actually happened for all of Jerusalem to see and were not—as St. Paul said, “done in a corner” (Acts 26:26). It is a message that says Good Friday still matters 2,000 years later.

However, there are always those generous souls who will feel a need to donate. For them there will be "donation buckets" at the end of the tour but they will not, in any way, be solicited. Any funds generated will be used to help offset the cost of this production.

Good Friday 5:15 PM is not to be confused with the "Stations of the Cross" or a walk along the Via Dolorosa. Though they are important and many parts of these two activities may be mirrored or alluded to during the performances, it must be stressed that Good Friday 5:15 PM is not an actual church service.

It is a perfect outing for youth groups, churches and any believer or non-believer. Good Friday At 5:15 PM is for anyone of any age. Bring your family. Bring your friends. Come join us for an evening of great theater and outreach with the Gospel Message of God' s redeeming love through Jesus Christ's atoning work.


Church Calendar

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Thinking About Sex and the Church

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14 ESV

Shira Hearn will be offering this important class, “Thinking about Sex and the Church.”

Saturday, April 27th from 9:30-11:30am – Singleness, Sex and the Church

God created us with a sex drive and so what happens if we are single? What do we do with our sexuality as unmarried Christians? In a culture of hookup apps and casual sex, what does it mean to honor God with our sexuality? No registration required.


The Intersection Conference is a missional greenhouse for Anglican leaders who want to engage culture. Each year, this group of leaders will exchange ideas, share strategies for disciple-making in a post-Christian North America, and explore new ways of re-missioning the Church. The conference will also birth Learning Communities, local vehicles for continuing the conversation about mission in contemporary culture.

Each Intersection Conference will explore a core element of mission, and discuss the other elements in relation to it.

2017: Gospel
2018: Culture
2019: Missional Ecclesiology
2020: Missional Leadership
2021: God’s Empowering Presence

Dates: May 16-18, 2019.

The conference will begin Thursday, May 16, at 12:00 pm. The conference will end at noon on Saturday, May 18. We suggest flying into the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Thursday morning and flying out Saturday afternoon.

Location: Trinity Anglican Church, Westside Campus, 2260 Defoor Hills Rd., Atlanta, GA 30318

Theme: For the Sake of the World: An Anglican Missional Ecclesiology

Come ready to engage 8 leading evangelical and sacramental voices exploring what it means to be the church on mission. Through panels and cohorts, gain actionable ideas and practices to catalyze your local church to engage contemporary culture.

Registration Costs:
– Jan-Mar = $169
– Apr-May = $199


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