Associate Rector

All Saints Anglican Cathedral
Long Beach, California

All Saints Anglican Cathedral is seeking an Associate Rector who will offer strong leadership and assist us in developing, deepening, and extending our ministries. We desire to hire a priest who has passion for worship, leadership, discipleship, and mission for all ages. We place a high priority on developing and supporting lay leadership in ministry. All clergy, staff, and lay leaders currently work collaboratively and enthusiastically desire to continue that process. The Associate Rector shall work in collaboration with the Rector to advance the mission of the church by making disciples. The Associate Rector will catalyze relationship and ministry to students at California State University Long Beach. The clergy team shall provide liturgical leadership for worship gatherings; faithful teaching the Word and administering the sacraments; pastoral care for those who are hurting; instruction in spiritual formation and discipleship for all ages; leadership development; and modelling and equipping for missional lifestyle and activities. In a couple years the Associate Rector would church plant or continue at All Saints depending on numerical and financial growth.

Skills, Gifts, and Passions for Ministry

We are searching for a male priest who:

1. Is knowledgeable of and passionate for the Word, liturgy, and the sacraments.

2. Is knowledgeable of congregational development and growth, and will apply those strategies of growth where needed in our parish.

3. Is able to demonstrate teachable, trustworthy, team player, truthful, and transparent leadership qualities, and who can communicate clearly, collaborate effectively, and coordinate efficiently.

4. Recognizes the importance of building and maintaining relationships in ministry, as well as developing and strengthening ministry leaders and teams.

5. Has excellent communication skills in preaching, teaching, writing, and using a variety of technology and media.

6. Desires to include people of all ages in ministry.

7. Cares for one’s own spiritual health and growth.

8. Is passionate for Christian formation for all ages and able to work with and teach children, youth, and adults.

9. Has a sense of humor.

10. Is relational.

11. Understands his unique gifts for ministry and desires to support others in discovering and using their gifts for ministry.

12. Is able to plan ahead, and yet be flexible at the same time.

Responsibilities and Expectations

The Associate Rector’s primary responsibilities are catalyzing, equipping, and managing:

1. Family discipleship for all ages, and support and develop lay leaders who plan, oversee, and lead these ministries.

2. Adult discipleship, and support and develop lay leaders who plan, oversee, and lead these ministries.

3. Parish Administration, and support and develop lay leaders who plan, oversee, and lead these ministries.

4. New member incorporation and assimilation, and support and develop lay leaders who plan, oversee, and lead these ministries.

5. An Anglican campus group at California State University Long Beach, and raise up, support, and develop lay leaders who will eventually plan, oversee, and lead this ministry.

6. Share the following responsibilities with the Rector under his leadership.

a. Preaching and celebrating at The Holy Eucharist and in pastoral care.

b. Preparing for and preaching and presiding over weddings and funerals as deemed necessary by the Rector.

c. Supporting and contributing to parish communications: bulletin announcements, electronic newsletter, Facebook and website.

d. Planning worship by season in collaboration with Rector, and communicating clearly with all ministries as necessary.

7. And all other assignments as require by the Rector.

Participate in regular supervision with the Rector and have an annual review.

Participate in weekly staff meetings.

Participate in monthly vestry meetings.

Participate in Leadership Community meetings.

Participate in parish activities and fellowship events.

Participate in Deanery and Diocesan meetings and ministry activities.


The qualified candidate must:

1. Be an ordained priest in the Anglican Communion in good standing in his Diocese.

2. Have a Masters of Divinity degree, or equivalent (preferred).

3. Have excellent recommendations/references from current and former supervisors and colleagues.

4. Have a heartfelt subscription to the Doctrine and Canons of the Diocese of Western Anglicans and the Statement of Faith of All Saints Anglican Church.

5. Display Biblical standards of Christian character and conduct.

6. Have excellent communication and leadership skills.

7. Have at least three years’ experience (preferred).

8. Have a proven record of leadership and church growth.

9. Have administrative experience.

10. Have leadership experience in a diverse Church community.

For more information regarding this position, please email Ruth Norman at